Hi, I am Janice, I love nature, crocheting, photography, Sci-Fi books, open world computer games with a good story & less fighting, creating connection through shared experience & stories, and cartography of course.
I am an introvert and a bit of a hermit, and currently have no fixed address - living in a camper-van to keep the cost of living down (so I can make maps)
I have been drawing maps and plans on and off ever since I discovered that I could draw myself a new cubby-house in the driveway every day if I wanted to. I spent a couple of years as an Architectural Drafts-person, a lot of years as a zipline tour guide and then I fell in love drawing fantasy mapsI love being able to create maps that have the potential to inspire interesting adventures & plots,
but most of all, good memories.
If you like my style and would like to get a quote for a map for yourself, your game, novel or even a real world map, drop me a message below with a brief summary of your project including what you need it for & when you need it by... and I will get back to you via email - probably with more questions ;-)

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